She’s complicated and she knows it.
Most of the time, she considers it a gift.
Most of the time, she considers it a curse.

She’s stubborn to her core.
She usually denies it.
She usually she wins.

She pretends not to feel everything so deeply.
She feels the pretending too deeply.

She loves fiercely.
She accepts love hesitantly.

She takes everything too personal.
Her words can cut like a knife.

She hates people who judge.
She judges them.

She acts like she’s strong.
This makes her feel weak.

She has a big mouth.
She rarely shares what’s inside.

She wants all of you.
Until she wants none of you.

She laughs loudly.
She cries silently.

She’s the bravest person you’ll ever meet.
Until you meet her.

She is scared of nothing.
She is terrified of everything.

She sits on a high horse.
She doesn’t ride horses.

She will give you the world.
Except the parts that she’s in.

She is gentle.
She is harsh.

She is full of answers.
Until someone asks her a question.

She wants to take care of everyone.
She rarely takes care of herself.

She means well.
She means well.