Convincible Luca


Luca: Mommy, yesterday, on the playground, Julian and I pretended that we were convincible.

You pretended what, honey?

Luca: That we were convincible.

Oh. How do you play that game?

Luca: Mommy! It’s not a game.  It’s just when we pretend we’re convincible. Like, nothing can kill us.

Ohhhhh, you mean, invincible?

Luca: That’s what I said, mommy, convincible.

Okay, buddy, gotcha.

_ _

For someone so convincible, the kid’s sure hard to convince.

Happy 5th Birthday, Luca!

Happy 5th Birthday, sweet Luca!

We love every single part of you, and that will never change.

You are truly the most amazing, unique, gifted human being we’ve ever met., and we pinch ourselves everyday that we’re the ones who get to be your family.

Though there aren’t enough words in the human language to describe you – because you are so much bigger than words – here are a just few that come to mind when we think of you.


Animal-lover, Amazing, Artistic
Brave, Beautiful, Bashful
Curious, Cautious, Chatty
Determined, Delightful, Dramatic
Empathetic, Emotional, Enchanting
Feisty, Fascinating, Fierce
Giving, Gentle, Gifted
Hilarious, Helpful, Heavenly
Intuitive, Imaginative, Independent
Jokester, Jovial, Joyful
Kindhearted, Knowledgeable, Kissable
Lover of Lizards, Leader, Lively
Maker of Merry, Magical, Memorable
Night Owl, Noble, Nutty
Otherworldly, Observant, Opinionated
Perceptive, Passionate, Phenomenal
Quick-tempered, Quiet, Quippy
Remarkable, Rebellious, Reflective
Sensitive, Stubborn, Shy
Teller of Amazing Tales, Thoughtful, Tolerant
Uncommon, Understanding, Unforgettable
Vivid, Vocal, Volcanic
Witty, Wholesome, Wondrous
Someone who could think of a cool word for the letter X
Yourself, Yummy, Yakety
Zoomanic, Zealous, Zany


Thank you for these wonderful memories and, most importantly, thank you for being you.

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The Longest Day of My Life: Part One

My husband’s been working non-stop for the past two weeks. Which, is awesome because it means he has a job.

But, I won’t lie. It’s been exhausting not having my more-mature half around.

These boys, they’ll run you ragged. People do it everyday, though, so I won’t complain (anymore).

He left to work early yesterday morning, with me wrapped around his leg crying and pleading with him.

Take me with you. Don’t leave me with them. They are evil.

He shook his leg a few times, flicked me like a bug, and was off.

Then, right on cue, it started pouring rain.

Of course.

Luca was begging to go outside and “check the weather.” I was a total stick in the mud about it for like two minutes, until I remembered how much fun is to play in the rain.

I told them to have at it and the rain dance began.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Initially, Leo was very skeptical of the buckets of water falling from the sky, choosing to observe his big brother a bit before getting his own feet wet.

photo 1

Then, he slipped and fell on his tiny ass.

photo 3

And, Luca was all, “Come on, dude. Don’t be such a baby. Man up.”

photo 4

photo 2

That’s when I remembered the raincoats and boots we all had.

photo 2

photo 5

And when they remembered the bald spot in our yard and were all like sweet, mud!

photo 4

photo 3

The sky began to rumble, telling us it was time to head in and give my dog a xanax, her Thunder Shirt, and some boob-pillow time.

photo 1

I made the boys some train tracks, so they could play with them for two minutes before yelling, “I’m sooooo bored.”


Just as I’d started to think, “Man, this day is going beautifully and who even needs a god damn man anyway?” the universe laughed loudly, waved it’s finger back and forth and said“Not so fast, oh confident one.”

And, at 0-something-hundred-i-don’t-know-how-the-fuck-to-read-military-time hours, the longest day of my life began.




Trigger warning: If you’re easily offended by plumbing issues, or snail and slug invasions, you might want to skip tomorrow’s post.

Until then…