Painfully Beautiful

It took me a long time to notice all the noises outside my head. And, even longer, to take the time to stop and really listen to them. For as long as I can remember, I’ve intentionally avoided seeing the world around me. And, not just the ugly parts, I turn away from even the most beautiful. It is all so heartbreaking. When I finally realized it was probably better.

Project: We See You 2013: Homestretch!

Hi guys! Well, we’re in the homestretch for this year’s project! Updates: My son’s school has taken this up as their community service project for December. They set up bins around the campus to collect donations. They also took an excerpt from the first piece I wrote on homelessness, publishing it in their weekly post. My mind is officially blown. When I told Luca that I’d written this page, he.

Project: We See You (February) – A Story About StoryPeople.

Soul Searching

Everyone Counts! Houston Homeless Youth Count! 2013.