Project: We See You. An Update.

You guys.

I don’t even know where to start, but I think I’ll begin by saying that you are all so amazing and I’m blessed to have each of you in my life.

This began as a small project, inspired by so many comments here.

But, in only a matter of days, it has grown so much. So, so many of you have offered to send things, have sent things, or are starting your own bags in your communities.

And, it’s just not individuals who have opened their hearts and wallets. It turns out, those big bad corporations have hearts, too!

Hilton Americas-Houston has gone above and beyond. I reached out to so many hotel chains and Hilton has majorly gone into action. When they asked me how many bags I wanted to fill, I told them 50.

And, then this happened…

They then followed up, making sure I had an SUV to pick up the donations.


Four Seasons is also looking into what they can do to help!

So far, other than the things I have purchased, people have shipped me 50 long-sleeved t-shirts, 50 rain ponchos, 50 blankets, 50 water bottles, and 50 granola bars and other snacks.

The man I purchased the tote bags from offered to give me a discount when I told him how I’d be using them (I’ll share his info in the next post).

This has gotten big enough that I began to get nervous because I’m awful at math, so I signed up to be a legal private non-profit organization today – We See You.

That’s some legit shit right there, folks.

I want to put every dime and item I receive into the best hands possible, and want you all to know where it’s going and where it ends up.

My new mission is to make this a regular thing, and hopefully since I’m all like legal and stuff, I can make that happen.

I also want to thank each and every one of you personally, and I plan on it, once my head stops spinning.

As for now, I’m getting organized and will be updating you here every step of the way.

There have been so many times I’ve thought that humanity was a big, giant jerk.

And, now, I’m eating my words…and they are delicious.


Update: Well, I just googled and apparently there is a We See You in Canada. I’ll see where to go from here to ensure I don’t step on any other well-meaning organizations’ feet!

Leslie: My Photographer…My Friend.

I met Leslie Gaworecki during my search for our wedding photographer.

Even before I saw her work, I knew she was the one for me.

I could sense her gentle spirit and her kind soul….and we just clicked.

And, she did not disappoint….as a photographer, or a person.

She captured so much that day.





And beautiful keepsakes of the four family members we would unexpectedly lose just two years later…


She’s given us a huge gift, allowing us to measure our children’s growth through her photographs…

And, she’s stuck with our insane family all these years, capturing memories sure to have otherwise been forgotten…

Nearly seven years have passed since I met Leslie.

And, things have changed.

I’m no longer the giddy, naive girl I was that day I walked into her office.

I’ve been hit with hard-cold life, tragedy, and blessings too big to count…each event written in soft lines around my eyes.

It’s no longer just me.

My family of one is now four.

And my dear friend is still beautifully chronicling this funny little journey called life.

Thank you, Leslie, for putting up with my crazy. And, for knowing me just well enough to capture who we are.

I’m forever grateful for you, my friend.