Stinson Beach: Day One.

12.4.15 I’m sitting on an airplane that feels like it’s about to shake right out of the sky. There’s so much turbulence I can’t drink my coffee without spilling it. Had this happened a year ago, I would’ve been hyperventilating and … Continue reading

Spoiler I’m A Spoiler // Bernadette the Brave (Book) Update

Spoiler I’m A Spoiler // Bernadette the Brave (Book) Update

I’m kind of a spoiler. Who me? Yeah, you. I’m the literal worst when it comes to gift giving. Not picking them out, because that’s kind of my thing and I love it, but at keeping them under wraps until … Continue reading

Bernadette The Brave

I’ll never forget the day I met her. Not long before I’d put up bird feeders for the first time, something I fell into after busting the blue jays snatching peanuts I’d set out for squirrels. How had I never noticed these loud and … Continue reading