Sausalito: Day One

I didn’t know how I would feel when I landed. Was this a dumb idea? What the hell have I gotten myself into? But, it was too late to turn back, so onward I marched to the taxi stand.

Forty minutes later we pulled into the little town of Sausalito. I hugged my taxi driver because of course I did, and walked down the dock to my houseboat. Every single step I took confirmed that this was not only a good idea, but the best idea.

I felt like I’d been here a million times. My shoulders relaxed and dropped as I breathed in the cool air.

The houseboat? Amazing. Birds of every kind right outside by the porch. Allison Planet HEAVEN.

I walked down to the store and a hot guy made me a pulled pork sandwich, extra spicy because he said I looked like I could take it. I threw that in the bag with two bottles of wine, a Kit-Kat, and dramamine (because boat). When I got back, I sat on the porch and ate the impossibly spicy sandwich (I ate every bite, because I can take it), and took a million pictures.

I had planned on three day excursions during my stay, but I think all plans have just been scratched off the list, because this place is just too perfect. Tomorrow, though, Hawk Hill. Tonight, I am going to work on my book. This place makes me want to finish it.

(I’m fighting a cold, but this is a pretty awesome place to fight it. Besides, I can take it.)

(This is unedited, because wine and my cold.)

First day pictures:


Updated: And, now I am watching San Andreas. It’s the perfect California feel good film.


8 thoughts on “Sausalito: Day One

  1. Can I ask where you’re staying? Is it an airb&b or something similar? This is just the kind of getaway that could save me….

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