Kneel and Gimme 20…Hail Marys

Earlier this year I wrote a post…on being bombarded with unsolicited email forwards of the Jesus loves everyone but Obama must die a painful death persuasion.

They ceased for some time, but have suddenly started up again in the past couple of weeks.

(To be clear, I hate stupid email forwards from the left just as much.)


A couple of days ago, I received another message from the cult. They’re always so sweet to include me!

It was addressed to a large number of people.

Regarding the woman’s request that her email be removed prior to forwarding?

Request Denied.

To put things in context, here is the link from above.

Upon opening the email, I chuckled a little.

No big deal.

Then I took off all my clothes, ran naked around my neighborhood, with ice picks in my ears screaming FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

After I put my clothes back on, I hit reply all to the message.

Without actually checking who all was.


One. Last. ZING!

I didn’t think too much more about it, minus a couple of laughs with my husband, until a couple of hours later.

I was typing away frantically, trying to meet a deadline, when this email from my mom came in.



Oh, noooooo.

Maybe next time I send a snarky email, I should check to be sure my mom, and the church I grew up in, are not on the list.

I replied back with, “It was an accident. But, hey, at least I didn’t drop any motherfuckers or god damn its right?


7 thoughts on “Kneel and Gimme 20…Hail Marys

  1. Why is the church being included on political right wing spam email junk anyway? Not YOUR fault.

    Besides, there was nothing wrong at all with your email. No cursing, no insulting, and FACTS. Too bad for them if they don’t like it.

    I just hope the next 4 years go as you voted… news from back home doesn’t look good, but then again I’m from Texas, so I’m not surprised. This overseas absentee voter voted Obama last month :)

  2. She didn’t quite sound like she had previously been a Romney critic. I love how clips are taken out of context to “prove” the point… At least you didn’t tell them to fuck off. 😉
    After watching that video, I kind of felt like doing just that.

  3. I’m dying here. I was just unfriended by a “Christian” friend because I posted a snopes link debunking her crazy Obama-care claims. Too damn funny! I’ve known this girl since jr. high school! She helps remind me why I walked away from the faith. I guess now she can continue on with her living in la-la land belief that Obama plans to implant us all with a microchip and track our every move. She can’t be having the truth invade her bubble…no way! What a way to live. LOL

    • THE MICROCHIPPING IS HILARIOUS (and terrifying that people believe it). Good riddance to your “friend!” I also walked away from the church. And decided HUMANISM was the best religion for me :) LOVE YOU! xo

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