Happy Heart Day!

Tis true.

I’m a sucker for surprises.

Getting them and giving them.

It’s fun to make people happy.

I overdo things so much on holidays, it’s shocking my kids didn’t get an enormous stuffed groundhog on Groundhog’s Day.

And, while Valentine’s Day is still fun in the romantic sense, it’s become even more fun for me since Luca and Leo came along.

Last night, I set up a Valentine’s morning love-fest for all my boys, big and small.


I posted this picture on my social media networks and got plenty of, “Wow! You sure do go all out!”

But, my friend Nicole really hit the nail on the head, as to why I always go big or go home.


I even bought my husband three separate cards, because I loved them and HOW COULD ANYONE EXPECT ME TO MAKE SUCH AN ENORMOUS DECISION AND JUST CHOOSE ONE?

The boys eyes popped out of their heads as they walked into our kitchen this morning.

We sat cross-legged on the floor and dug through the goodies and sweet-treats.

And, this is when it dawned on me just how different my boys’ personalities are.

I turned Luca’s lobster on for him….

And, immediately, he clasped a hand over each of his ears.

Mommy, it’s so loud.

I jumped over him to shut the thing up, and then went to hunt down my little escapee, Leo, to give him his flamingo….

In seconds, his expression went from curious to hesitant. I assumed he’d followed Luca’s lead, and quickly turned it off.

That’s when he began to cry…for me to turn it back on.

And then he danced.

Right before we left for school, I found Luca in the den inspecting his red-hot lobster. This time, he turned it on himself.

And then he laughed.

Sure enough, he just needed some time to warm up to it on his own terms…like everything in life.

This is the blueprint for all things that come their way.

They couldn’t be more different, or more perfect, in their own way.

And, whaddya know, someone even remembered mommy!

My husband surprised me with a Leo to match my Luca.


Which, made my surprises for him seem…not as romantic.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m on my period and here’s three cards and a Kurt Vonnegut shirt…


If you’re not a Vonnegut fan, but you still think you have an idea as to what this is, you’re…ahemprobably right…even though you don’t want to be.

Yes. I gave my husband a t-shirt with a butthole on it for Valentine’s Day.

I know….I KNOW!

Anyway, no matter how you celebrate today – be it cautiously or wildly, with jewelery or with a butthole, I hope it’s just perfect.

And, now my head-cold and I are off to crawl into bed, as we weepingly wonder what in the hell we were thinking giving the boys such LOUD singing creatures.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet friends.

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  1. Jenny Terpenning February 15, 2013 | Reply
    That picture makes me feel like I was too cheap in my purchases for Valentines day! You are a wonderful Mom!

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