Either/Or Depending on When.

~Ellen Hopkins

~Ellen Hopkins

I am woman hear my roar.
I am girl hear me whimper.

I am a writer.
I write things.

I am photographer.
I’m a chick who takes bird pictures.

I’m proudly outspoken – wouldn’t change a thing.
I’m going to die alone.

I don’t need a man!
Good god I want a man.

I am together and with it!

I’m not a people pleaser.
Unless that disappoints you.

I’m a go-getter.
I’m going to get back in bed.

I feel pretty.

I live and breathe for my kids!
How much longer till bedtime, I’m dying.

I’m a totally confident woman.
Right don’t you think?

I am comfortable in my own skin.
Pass the elastic.

I’m sweet, kind, and ever so sensitive.
Go fuck yourself.

I want to be in a relationship.
Go fuck yourself.

I’m independent and capable!
I want my mommy.

I’m outgoing.
I hate going out.

I am thoughtful.
Now back to me.

I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Unless they think badly.

I’ll give you the shirt off my back.
If it no longer fits.

I am either/or.
Depending on when.

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