Bernadette The Brave

I’ll never forget the day I met her. Not long before I’d put up bird feeders for the first time, something I fell into after busting the blue jays snatching peanuts I’d set out for squirrels. How had I never noticed these loud and … Continue reading

Exhibition gives young Gypsy/Travellers a voice

A cluster-balloonist who became the first person to fly the English Channel has launched a house into the sky just like in the Disney movie ‘Up’. Intrepid Jonathan Trappe, 38, took off just like the 78-year-old character Carl Frederickson in movie.

Trappe has invested $170,000 into his Atlantic dream, for which he’s been training his whole career, and now he’s launching a site so ordinary people can play their part.

In the film, Carl floats his house to South America to fulfil his lifelong ambition to see the continent before he dies. Jonathan’s adventure was a little more short-lived – the stunt was a warm-up for a spectacular transatlantic flight he’s planning to make next summer.

Accompanied by co-pilot Nidia Ramirez, he intends to float 3,000 miles across the Atlantic in a seven-foot lifeboat suspended by 365 balloons. Jonathan will take off from Maine in the US and plans to land in Paris, France between three and six days later.

He’s currently learning to sail the boat in case he needs to ditch into the ocean during the dangerous mission.