Stinson Beach: Day 2/3

Over the last few months, I often wondered how you know when you’re really over someone. Because it’s easy to fool yourself on a good day, only to feel sad again on a bad one. Yesterday I woke up a year … Continue reading

Stinson Beach: Day One.

12.4.15 I’m sitting on an airplane that feels like it’s about to shake right out of the sky. There’s so much turbulence I can’t drink my coffee without spilling it. Had this happened a year ago, I would’ve been hyperventilating and … Continue reading

This Old New House.

I woke up around nine on Thanksgiving morning and, but for the clink clink clink of the fan and my dog licking her butt, the house was painfully silent. Nothing was as it should be. I made myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my … Continue reading