Hi. I’m Allison.


But, you can call me whatever you want.

I am…

A recently divorced mom of two wild boys and three rescue dogs who rescued me.

Author of Bernadette the Brave. Photographer-in-training. Animal lover. Mega bird nerd. Foul-mouthed. Bleeding Heart. Supporter of all things equal. A-whole-lotta-wine drinker. Occasional party animal. Defender of the underdog. Terrifying Force of Nature. 

And teller of stories at #allisonplanet


I have the occasional nervous breakdown.
(And, I’m okay with that.)

Most days, you can find me right here.
Just look for the girl with the foot planted firmly in her mouth.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Allison!

    I hope you’re able to get this. I stumbled across your blog post “A Postpartum at Antepartum Depression.” My sister in law was just diagnosed with this and this is far out of my wheel house. I’ve never dealt with depression and just have no idea what to say. Is there anything that would have been comforting to hear while you were struggling with this. Or anything you recommend saying/doing?

    Any help would be great!

    Hope all is well!

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